Generally speaking, new pages should follow the format of old pages. If you're not sure how to format something, see what's already been done. But, a few pointers

  • Have fun!
  • To prevent us from having multiple pages with the same name, but different capitalization, only the first word of a page title should be capitalized. This applies to section titles, too.
  • Similarly, page titles should generally be singular. Some tools (e.g. pliers) are commonly referred to in the plural and therefore may appear with plural titles. Some tools (e.g. wire cutter(s)) are commonly called by both their singular and their plural name; in this case follow the leader - whoever establishes the page makes the determination.
  • When a page has multiple sections, section order should be as shown at Manual of style/Section order.
  • A wiki works best when everyone knows what's going on. Edit summaries are mandatory, and they must be clear.
  • To be fair to manufacturers, use generic names for pages when possible. Brand names should redirect to the generic name (e.g. Crescent wrench redirects to open-ended adjustable wrench)
  • All articles should be in English. Do your best to write with good spelling and grammar, but don't stress it - we all make mistakes. Someone will come along and straighten things out.
  • The nature of this project requires all images to have appropriate copyright tags - see the community page at for more detail. Images lacking appropriate copyright information for over 24 hours may be deleted without warning - sorry.
  • Images should add to the article, enlightening the reader, otherwise they should be placed in a gallery. Thumb coding should only be used when a caption is needed to provide explanation of the picture's subject or relevance.